May 15, 2023

Thank You to CTV News Montreal & G.S.P.M. Distribution – Announcing our Canadian Project


Sometimes news is best delivered in video format. Today we are so pleased to announce the coverage of G.S.P.M. Distribution and their new HYVE system that will help them produce fresh, healthy vegetables for the Canadian market.

This project has been a while in the making and has not been without literal growing pains. But, we are so pleased to announce this great venture.

Please take a look at our largest Canadian installation at the news story here.

We thank CTV News in Montreal for the excellent story.

A look inside the high-tech Quebec farm powered by robots and AI

One of the biggest high-tech farms in North America is a family-run business in Napierville, Quebec.
The indoor vertical farm is largely powered by robots and artificial intelligence, taking the hard labour out of farming.

It is the first farm of its kind in Canada, and it came to fruition thanks to a federal grant.


Watch the report above from CTV Montreal’s Christine Long for the full story.