Practical & Proven Automation

At the heart of the HYVE system lies complete automation of the plant lifecycle, covering everything from seeding to harvest. This efficient and practical robotics technology minimizes human errors, enhances plant health, and cuts labor costs — all without the substantial financial investment typically required by advanced technologies. We’re committed to democratizing automation, making it accessible to indoor farmers of all scales. This enhances productivity and ensures sustainable, ongoing operations.

Automated Seeding

Enjoy unparalleled consistency in both seed placement and depth, ensuring optimal germination rates and uniform crop growth across your vertical farm. This state-of-the-art solution is a game-changer, significantly reducing labor costs, increasing germination rates and enhancing productivity to take your farming operations to the next level.

Automated Transplanting

Our system ensures a smooth and stress-free transfer of plants from nursery stations directly to the growing area within the racking system, optimizing both plant health and operational efficiency. We’ve managed to cut down on turnaround times significantly, enabling more crop cycles and resulting in a noticeable increase in total yield.

Automated Transplanting

Automated Robotic Plant Scouting (ARIS)

Introducing ARIS, powered by AGEYE, is our Autonomous Robotic Imaging Unit, revolutionizing the way you monitor plant health and development throughout each growth cycle. With unparalleled precision, ARIS grants you detailed insights into every plant’s condition, empowering you to identify trends, detect potential issues early on, and implement corrective measures proactively. This innovation not only significantly reduces your reliance on expensive manual labor but also ensures a stable and consistent quality in your harvests. With ARIS, you’re not just investing in efficiency and accuracy; you’re paving a direct path to profitability and success in your farming operations.

Automated Harvesting

Enhance your harvest process with our Automated Harvesting system, consistently and reliably handling every stage — from gently removing plants from vertical racks and accurately trimming roots, to efficiently directing produce into the packaging machine. This thorough automation significantly reduces labor costs and cuts down on waste, while ensuring that your crops receive careful handling, minimizing potential damage and shielding them from external contaminants. This is an essential solution that brings dependability, efficiency, and precision to your harvesting operations.

Automated Harvesting

Plant Transit Robots

By automating the movement of plants from seeding to harvest, these robots streamline operations, creating a consistent and efficient workflow. They minimize human error, optimize plant care, and significantly cut down on labor costs. This automation not only accelerates the production cycle but also allows for a more focused allocation of human resources to tasks that require critical attention, elevating the overall productivity and sustainability of the vertical farming operation.

Automated Tray Cleaning

Ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene with our automated tray cleaning system. This powerful solution cleans and sanitizes every plant tray after each grow cycle safeguarding against potential contaminants. Experience peace of mind knowing that your crops are growing in the cleanest environment, fostering optimal growth conditions and safeguarding against potential contaminants.


Everything You Need for Automated Vertical Farming

Scalable Vertical Racks (4-20 Levels)

Engineered to maximize both space efficiency and plant production.

Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Mimics natural light, enhancing plant growth.

Advanced Hydroponic Fertigation System

Delivers precise nutrients and water for optimal growth.

Durable Food-Grade Growing Trays

These trays ensure a safe and hygienic environment for edible crops.

Seeding & Transplanting Solutions

Streamlines the early stages of plant growth.

Elevator & Transit Robots

Automates plant movement, reducing labor.

Dedicated Germination Nurseries

Optimizes conditions for seed germination.

Harvesting & Root Cutting Technology

Efficiently prepares plants for market.

Automated Tray Cleaning

Maintains high sanitary standards with minimal effort & time.

Packaging & Traceability Tools

Ensures product quality and traceability.

Automated Tray Storage Solutions

Saves space and improves workflows.

Interlayer Horizontal Airflow

Ensures uniform air distribution for plant health.

Precision Environment Sensors

Monitors and adjusts growing conditions.

Automated Crop Scouting

Powerful AI technology for early issue detection.

Farm Management Software

Central control for your vertical farm operations.

Integrated Power & PLC Systems

Reliable and efficient energy and control systems.

The Next Generation of
Automated Indoor Farms