As a Biomanufacturing Platform
For the Future of Pharmaceuticals Industrial Enzymes

Future of Food and Pharmaceuticals

Our turnkey automated vertical farming solutions are the ideal platform for advancing the field of synthetic biology and transient gene expression, offering unparalleled precision in plant cell production. This precision control is key to producing specialized biomolecules for various industries. In pharmaceuticals, it enables the sustainable manufacture of essential therapeutics, such as vaccines and oncology drugs, through finely-tuned gene expression in plants.

In the food sector, our platform paves the way for the development of biofortified foods and animal-free proteins, marking a significant leap in sustainable and innovative food production. By integrating these advanced molecular biology techniques, our vertical farming systems not only represent a major technological breakthrough but also open the door to additional high-value markets.

Precise Environmental Control

Precise Environmental


Vaccines and
oncology drugs

Essential Therapeutics


Animal free proteins



As a Platform for the
The Future of Cannabis and Hemp

The Future of Cannabis and Hemp

Vertical farms represent the future of cannabis and hemp cultivation, offering precise environmental control essential for high-quality production. Our advanced solutions ensure optimal plant development, impacting quality and potency. These farms provide detailed traceability throughout the plant’s lifecycle, ensuring transparency and consistency from seed to harvest. Embracing our vertical farming technology marks a significant shift towards sustainable, efficient cultivation, raising the standard in cannabis and hemp production.

Precise Environmental Control

Environmental Control


Improved quality and


As a Platform for
The Future of Livestock Feed


Vertical farming’s role in hydroponic fodder production is a prime example of modern agriculture’s evolution, particularly in response to land scarcity and climate change. Our turnkey automated solutions facilitate not just cost savings in feed production but also ensure a consistent, nutrient-rich diet for livestock. The feed, abundant in soluble proteins, starch, and sugars, benefits greatly from a sprouting process that enhances its digestibility, proving especially advantageous for horses, dairy cows and sheep.

A pivotal advantage of our system is its minimal need for supplemental lighting, which significantly lowers operational costs. Additionally, our technology’s fully automated process, from seed soaking to harvesting, streamlines the entire cultivation cycle. This automation not only underscores efficiency but also ensures a rapid, approximately 6-7 day, growth period, leading to regular, fresh harvests.

Consistent nutrient rich

Consistent, nutrient-rich
diet for livestock.

Abundant in soluble

Abundant in soluble
proteins, starch, and sugars

Lower operational cost

Lower operational costs

Rapid growth period

Rapid growth period


As a Platform for
Profitable Food Production


Vertical farms are advancing with our technology, revolutionizing the cultivation of leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits through full automation and crop intelligence. This innovation significantly reduces costs and enhances profitability for growers. Our systems optimize conditions for improved yield and quality, meeting the demand for fresh, local produce sustainably. Embracing our technology sets a new standard in efficient, profitable agriculture for diverse crops.

Cost reduction

Cost Reduction &
Enhanced Profitability

Improved yield

Improved Yield and


As a Platform for
Revitalizing Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate

In the post-COVID era, commercial real estate, especially office spaces, is facing a significant challenge with rising vacancies. Our innovative solution transforms these vacant spaces into productive vertical farms. This transformation is not just a practical response to increased remote work trends, but also a strategic move to meet the growing demand for sustainable, local food production.

The conversion from office to vertical farm is remarkably seamless, offering a new purpose for underutilized buildings by integrating them into the urban food supply chain. Additionally, incorporating vertical farms into mixed-use commercial properties can boost foot traffic, creating a vibrant community hub. These spaces can yield higher revenue per square foot compared to traditional retail, revitalizing commercial real estate while contributing to urban sustainability.

Our approach provides a dual advantage: it addresses the current challenges in the commercial real estate market and supports the expanding urban agriculture initiative. This strategy is more than a temporary fix; it’s a leap towards a sustainable future where real estate development meets environmental and social needs

Sustainable local food

Sustainable, local food

New purpose for underutilized

New purpose for
underutilized buildings

Creation a vibrant

Creation a vibrant
community hub

Higher revenue

Higher Revenue per sq
foot compared to traditional retail

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