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Hydroponic Solutions 

HYVE™ is an international brand with locations in United States, Europe, and Asia.  Our team of research scientists, growers, and engineers are at the forefront of automated fresh farming technology.  We offer a complete solution for industrial growing including large vertical farms and greenhouses as well as smaller units for home, small business, or educational use.  


Faster Maturity.  Higher Yield.

We offer a complete solution for industrial growing including large vertical farms and greenhouses.


Commercial Vertical Farming

We provide everything from hydroponic racking to advanced LED lighting, nutrient monitoring stations, pumps, and consumable items such as seedling growth containers, and seeds, HYVE™ is the total solution for large and smaller clients who want fresh, safe, sustainable controlled environment crop growth.


Fresh. Healthy. Automated.

Grow your own fresh vegetables year-round with LF-ONE, the complete hydroponic growth system from HYVE™.  LF-ONE puts the power of freshness right at your fingertips with our uniquely designed system that’s perfect for growing leafy greens, flowering crops, or micro greens.  Use HYVE™ proprietary controlled technology to monitor and moderate the optimal mix of nutrients to produce a variety of sustainable and healthy crops using no soil.  LF-ONE comes with everything you need to produce farm-to-table vegetation automatically in a controlled environment.


Education, Home, or Small Business

LF-ONE is easy to assemble and use, and its modular design lets you create custom growth options, so you can grow different plant types efficiently without the need for intense user intervention.  The recirculating irrigation system not only saves water, but provides a cleaner and hygienically safer growth environment, minimizing the chances of contamination or unwanted algae growth.  Safe, simple, and tasty.  LF-ONE brings freshness to your table.