Meet Our Team


Ron Acorn


Ron brings more than 30 years of experience in executive management roles, focusing on supply chain management, best practices, and production operation. At HYVE™ he is charged with leadership, system quality control, and creating stakeholder value for all in the supply chain. Ron has a B.S. in Advisory Management Services from New Hampshire College.


John Vidaurrazaga

Product Manager/Business Development Manager

In his role as liaison between customer and internal engineering teams, and project management, John fosters organization, passion, and collaboration in driving vertical racking projects to completion. With a myriad of degrees including a master’s degree in Public Administration in International Development from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, John is well-versed in communicating in several languages helping HYVE™ complete vertical racking projects within and outside the U.S.


Paul Edmondson

Chief Grower/Researcher

Holding a Ph.D. in Technology Education from the University of Maryland at College Park, Paul has minors in agricultural and vocational education and has served as co-owner of a large-scale traditional green house and garden center operation. At HYVE™ his combination of education and real-world primary research makes him an invaluable member of the HYVE™ team.


Alía Clements

Program Manager/Education Coordinator

Alia is known for her dedication to customer support and programs. She studied at Patrick Henry College and is an integral part of hands-on work with both the vertical racking and educational hydroponic systems, serving as the program manager for the latter product offering.


Ken Bryant

Marketing Director

With more than 25 years of experience in progressive Marketing and Business Development roles, Ken combines superior communication, creativity, strategic thinking, and resourcefulness to define market potential both for systems and produce in vertical racking environments. A graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, Ken’s experience and education help the HYVE™ team and its customers capitalize on strategic windows of opportunity.


Joseph Wong

Lead Business Development Manager

Holding a Bachelor of Business Commerce from the University of Toronto, Joseph provides both technical support and supplier coordination functions to keep Eponic and HYVE™ working lockstep to produce the best solutions in vertical racking. Working closely in a development role, Joseph is a key driver of system improvements, ancillary product offerings, and product management coordination. Joseph provides valuable insight and keen analytical measures to drive HYVE™ systems to superior return on investment for growers and investors.


Robert Seward

Sales Manager

With an exceptional history in contractor and industrial sales and project implementation, Robert utilizes his common sense, networking, and LED lighting background to support vertical racking projects and connect the appropriate resources to drive a project to completion. He is instrumental in helping HYVE™ assemble the functional discipline areas to provide a total solution for our customers.