May 29, 2019

HYVE™ Vertical Indoor Farming Announces June Exhibition Schedule

HYVE™, Central Virginia’s own Vertical Indoor Farming Solutions Provider announced its exhibition schedule for June 2019.

First up, HYVE™ will be exhibiting at the Richmond, Virginia Convention Center on June 6-8 at The Virginia Homeschool Convention ( Emphasis will be on showing the LF-ONE educational and residential hydroponic unit aimed at teaching a new generation of students and their families how to produce self-grown hydroponic vegetables, sustain natural resources, and learn all about healthy freshness and our food supply. This convention bills itself as “Three Days That Can Change The Life Of Your Family.” The LF-ONE from HYVE™ allows users to grow up to 54 mature plants per grow cycle and fits well in classroom environments as a hands-on teaching tool for mathematics, science, horticulture, teamwork, communication, and other STEM-related learning activities.

Knowing that our positive disruptive technology for growing is not limited to minds and bodies in the U.S., HYVE™ will next be venturing to Amsterdam for GreenTech Amsterdam ( ) June 11-13. This show will feature some of the best minds and market leaders in horticulture from around the world. On display will be a scaled down version of our complete Vertical Racking and Hydroponic System designed especially for commercial growers. The HYVE™ Vertical Racking System provides a total scalable solution and that solution will be on display for the world to see.

The next stop will again feature the LF-ONE unit and is geared towards educating the educators. HYVE™ will be in Little Rock, Arkansas June 19-20 at the 2019 National Agriculture In The Classroom Conference ( We’ll be showing national educators a great tool for making agriculture a hands-on experience within the walls of a conventional classroom, again focusing on STEM-related benefits and activities.

Another part of the HYVE team will also be exhibiting on June 19-20 at the INDOOR AGTECH INNOVATION SUMMIT ( at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Here we’ll meet with industry leaders and provide information on our unique and complete scalable hydroponic grow solutions for commercial growers.

HYVE™, formerly known as AUTOCROP, is a Verona, Virginia-based full-scale indoor farming systems and solutions brand focused on automated equipment for vertical indoor farming and contained environment horticulture. The brand gears its product set towards large commercial growers as well as offering smaller units for personal or classroom use.

Systems are automated, utilize LED grow lighting, and include automated fertigation and irrigation. The large-scale systems are highly automated and provide commercial growers with tools to produce millions of mature plants per growth cycle in a controlled environment. Additional information on the product set can be found at or by contacting Ken Bryant, Marketing Director at 540.904.0391.