November 15, 2021

HYVE Reveals Details on Largest North American Installation to Date

Installation has begun on the “largest North American” HYVE vertical indoor farming rack to date. The brand said on Friday that the installation remains on course and that the customer is in the midst of installation of “phase one” of what will be several phases of construction of the HYVE system.

Thus far five of twenty-six planned grow racks have been installed along with the catwalk for the ten-level racking system.

Each of the planned racks will measure sixty-seven feet in length and will be used to grow leafy greens and herbs by an established, well-respected grower who will distribute products along the East Coast and Eastern part of Canada.

“Right now, the installation is progressing, and the customer is in the midst of the installation of the proprietary LED grow lights developed by HYVE” said a spokesperson for the brand. “The initial five racks will include 3,000 of the brand’s patented grow light bars” according to the source.

Phase one of the construction will entail thirteen racks with capability to produce nearly 200,000 mature plants per grow cycle, depending upon the crop grown.

HYVE employees say the customer is very pleased with the solid construction of the HYVE system and that the racking was viewed as much more impressive than some of the lesser built systems in the market space.

HYVE utilizes aluminum and stainless for the base of the racking system so the grower can be assured of a long-life system that will withstand the test of time and should yield a solid return for many years to come.

The system will be complete with automation for seeding, planting, harvesting, and full fertigation. HYVE has recently upped their game in terms of monitoring for its larger scale systems and now believes the system will be one of the most automated in the market. The brand has often promoted itself as being different due to its origin in LED lighting development, the completeness of its system, and the scalability, which allows commercial growers to have a system that fits their specific needs.

HYVE systems are installed across the globe and the brand is supported in North America from its offices and grow lab located approximately 2 1/2 hours from Washington, D.C. in the Central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

HYVE is finalizing a number of other opportunities for its systems and continues to also offer smaller systems designed primarily for smaller businesses and the education and home market.

This North American installation promises to be a showcase for the brand and HYVE is providing a full suite of support as needed for the grower. The brand prides itself on being a technology company that is in the business of helping others be successful in their commercial farming ventures.

HYVE officials told us that they take every installation “personal” and are particularly pleased that this installation is progressing with a lot of the work being done by the grower since the operation wants to learn as much as it can about the HYVE system. “They (the grower) are doing an outstanding job and have been a real pleasure to work with throughout this process. We know that they bring an exceptional work ethic and integrity in their current business. This has been proven as we have worked together on this initial phase. We could not be happier to have them as a customer and look to do everything we can to help them achieve the success they are working so hard to fulfill in this project. We will be keenly focused to do everything within our power to make the installation and ongoing business a success for the customer. It is our mission to make others successful and happy and we expect nothing less from this great step for us in North America.”