June 15, 2022

HYVE Releases New Promotional Video Outlining System Upgrades

HYVE Indoor Farming Systems, a leading provider of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) equipment recently released information on automated system upgrades for its commercial vertical racking system. HYVE provides complete, scalable solutions for those in or looking to step into the indoor vertical farming space.

The plant factory, a system that incorporates all aspects of the growth process from seeding through harvest is designed to provide growers with an exceptional return on investment while providing consumers with unmatched fresh choices for varieties of leafy green and other plants.

According to Dr. Paul Edmondson, Chief Scientist at HYVE: “HYVE systems are now much more advanced and we continue the upward trajectory of implementing specific features into our system that cannot be found in other systems that are designed for commercial growers. We believe that our advancements, which include a great deal of automation make it possible for commercial growers in mid or large-scale farming ventures to more quickly recover their initial investment and turn cash-flow positive when using our systems.”

The HYVE plant factory video which shows off many of the features relating to automation can be viewed on the brand’s website or on its YouTube channel. To see it now you can click here to be taken directly to the video on YouTube.

HYVE has been involved in the CEA space for the past 5 years and traces its heritage to LED lighting.

According to Ken Bryant, Marketing Director for HYVE: “The genesis for our commercial growing systems is our company heritage as it relates to LED lighting. Our chief engineer for the complete system is a recognized leader in lighting and he has combined that experience and expertise with the very practical sense that the world needs to be fed. As such, our team has developed not only superior grow lighting, but a full system that gives the commercial grower everything he or she needs from one source. This is almost unheard of today since others offer what we might deem incomplete systems that must be put together by working with a number of vendors in the CEA space. Our latest and planned innovation includes not only a tremendous amount of automation for limited touch growing and reduced labor overhead, but also artificial intelligence that will make growing much more predictable. This will in turn translate to better outcomes over time and should result in even greater return for our growers.”

HYVE is a science and innovative technology arm of DASCOM Americas. HYVE systems are used across the globe in various sized installations up to 20 levels of racking. The systems can be custom designed for either retrofit into older facilities or for new builds that house specific environmentally designed controls for particular areas.

The brand does not grow produce to sell, but rather supplies the equipment, consulting services, and support for the CEA landscape.

More information can be found on the brand’s website at www.growhyve.com.