March 2, 2021

HYVE Begins Work on Several New Large Scale Projects

HYVE is in the midst of embarking on several of the brand’s largest projects to date. With a geographic scope stretching literally around the globe, the manufacturer of contained environment agriculture systems is currently working on projects in Asia and North America that are full-scale in nature.

These projects entail everything from 20-story racking systems to finding an unconventional way to grow very specific feed mixtures for animals.

While the projects are very different in product scope, the complete solution, including consultation and customization are a large part of the story and success.

HYVE works closely with clients to help solve specific issues not only with HYVE systems, but helps look at the scientific approaches and methodologies to grow very specific plants under stringent and extremely tight specifications for the expected and necessary outcomes.

Both of the ongoing largest projects are currently private in nature so many details cannot be disclosed at present, however HYVE is pleased to share that the brand continues to grow and expand, largely on the strength of its innovative approach and unique value propositions.

The ability to provide full-scale design and work with construction firms in the food industry on everything from HVAC concerns to ergonomic design and process flow have been keys in these projects.

Stay tuned for specific information on how HYVE is progressing on these very exciting full-scale projects.