October 11, 2022

HYVE Announces Product Line Changes. Company to Focus More on Mid and Larger-Scale Commercial Hydroponic Systems.

HYVE Indoor Farming Systems, a solutions-based, technology manufacturer of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) systems today announced strategic changes to its product offering.

The HYVE brand has historically focused on commercial hydroponic growing systems along with offering a smaller system designed for use primarily as a teaching tool for the education and home markets. The strategic change announced by HYVE entails discontinuation of the smaller educational and home office unit with an increased focus on commercial growing systems.

According to Ron Acorn, President of HYVE: “Today’s announcement is driven by a combination of increased demand for our larger systems and the necessity for our team to focus its resources and energy on implementation of enhancements to those systems. Simply put, our real core strength is in developing complete automated commercial systems aimed at mid-sized commercial produce growers. Our systems are the most complete in the market and provide commercial growers with exceptional return on investment while giving them tools to provide consumers with unmatched choices for fresh, healthy produce. We continue to embark on system upgrades that involve time and complexity for our workers. We want to maintain a keen focus on CEA systems that meet the demands of an engaged and growing commercial market.”

Ken Bryant, Director of Marketing for HYVE adds: “One of our core principles at HYVE has been the need to meet or exceed expectations for all our clients. While smaller educational or home hydroponic systems have been a point of some emphasis for us in the past, we believe currently that focus is the key for our growth in best serving our clients and making our company the most successful. We are proud to have been a part of helping to teach a new generation of “would be indoor farmers” about the benefits of CEA, but honestly, the space for smaller units is overserved in our geographic markets and the products have become commoditized. Paring our product line will be the right thing for our existing commercial growers and those we are working with on pending systems now and in the future.”

HYVE will continue to offer full technical support for LF-ONE units already sold (the smaller educational and home models) in the future and plans to also continue selling consumables for those units including product offerings such as seeds, replacement parts, and nursery kits.

HYVE is a business unit of DASCOM Americas which serves the Americas markets and is owned in whole by DASCOM Holdings, a Hong Kong-based company with more than 30 years of experience in providing technology solutions. The company does business in more than eighty countries around the globe and offers diverse solutions for customers in a broad range of markets.

More information on HYVE can be found at www.growhyve.com. The DASCOM portfolio of brands can be found at www.dascomamericas.com.