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HYVE™ is an international brand with locations in United States, Europe, and Asia.  Our team of research scientists, growers, and engineers are at the forefront of automated fresh farming technology and have experience in hydroponic growing for a number of different species of crops and vegetation.  From leafy greens, micro greens, various flowering plants and vegetables including strawberries, tomatoes, and more, HYVE™scientists and growers have hands-on experience in complete growth systems. 
HYVE™ offers an advanced, automated solution for industrial growing including those with large vertical farms and greenhouses as well as solutions with smaller units for home, small business, or educational use.  By providing everything from hydroponic racking to advanced LED lighting, nutrient monitoring stations, pumps, and consumable items such as seedling growth containers, and seeds, HYVE™ is the total solution for large and smaller clients who want fresh, safe, sustainable controlled environment crop growth.
We combine practical experience and expertise with a comprehensive high quality system designed and manufactured to provide you with one source for your hydroponic growing needs.  Ours is a complete solution and not just parts of a system.  When you choose HYVE™ you are backed by a complete team offering a complete solution.