DASCOM Americas Announces Contained Environment Horticulture Systems to be Globally Marketed and Jointly-Branded as HYVE™ and EPONIC™

DASCOM Americas, a worldwide diversified technology leader today announced a joint branding initiative for its complete indoor hydroponic farming systems.  Going forward the systems will be developed, marketed, and sold as either HYVE™ (www.growhyve.com) or EPONIC™ (www.eponicagriculture.com) depending on the geographic region of the globe.

HYVE™ is led by Ron Acorn, President of DASCOM Americas and has its offices and grow lab facilities approximately 2 ½ hours southwest of Washington, D.C. 

EPONIC™ is a brand of Eponic Agriculture Company, Ltd. Based in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China.  Eponic Agriculture is led by Liu Guowei, a noted developer, engineer, entrepreneur, and horticulture system specialist.  The company has enjoyed success throughout Asia and Europe with its innovative hydroponic growing systems and has developed a branded following with the EPONIC™ name.

The respective farming systems consist of scalable product offerings including a comprehensive solution for commercial growing which includes vertical racking, irrigation, fertigation, LED grow lighting, robotics, programmable logic control, and other ancillary system components that provide industrial growers with a “complete solution” from one source.

Acorn says of the commercial vertical system: “Our complete solution is different than any system in the market because we combine all elements of contained environment horticulture into one product system offering. Our vertical racking offering is designed to provide growers with a great return on investment and consumers with a choice for the healthiest and freshest plants in the market. Indoor farming cuts down on transportation and spoilage costs, limits the exposure to diseased plants, and is safer largely because of no need for herbicides or pesticides.”

The brands are also offering a smaller home hydroponic unit that is a solid offering for education, residential, or small business use. The “LF-ONE” allows users to grow up to 54 mature plants per grow cycle and is programmable and automated much like the larger system. It is easy to assemble and use and provides fresh produce and the opportunity to grow 365 days a year.

Going forward HYVE™ will direct its primary focus and brand in the North America and LAT regions of the globe. EPONIC™ will be the brand name for systems marketed in EMEA and most of China and select other Asia-Pacific Regions.  The exception in the China market will be that XiaMen New Green Ecological Technology Company LTD will utilize the HYVE™ brand name as part of an exclusive distributorship agreement.

According to Ken Bryant, Marketing Director for DASCOM Americas: “The joint-branding effort will provide consistency and logistical advantages for our clients and prospects worldwide.  EPONIC Agriculture is an expert company in development of products for contained horticulture systems.  Our collaboration from day one has been extremely strong.  Together this will allow us to capitalize on the strong EPONIC™ brand in select markets while we build the HYVE™ brand in our region of the world, while assuring our combined customers and prospects will experience consistency in equipment advances, customer service, and pricing.”


Ken Bryant