AUTCROP Changes Brand Name to HYVE

DASCOM Americas, located in Verona, Virginia today announced it has renamed and re-branded its contained environment horticulture system formerly known as “AUTOCROP” to “HYVE.”

“HYVE” is a complete and programmable indoor farming system that uses hydroponics to grow fresh, healthy plants and vegetation in a controlled environment.

The brand consists of scalable product offerings including a comprehensive solution for commercial growing which includes vertical racking, irrigation, fertigation, LED grow lighting, robotics, programmable logic control, and other ancillary system components that provide industrial growers with a “complete solution” from one source.

Ron Acorn, President says of the commercial vertical system: “Our complete solution is different than any system in the market because we combine all elements of contained environment horticulture into one product system offering. Our vertical racking offering is designed to provide growers with a great return on investment and consumers with a choice for the healthiest and freshest plants in the market. Indoor farming cuts down on transportation and spoilage costs, limits the exposure to diseased plants, and is safer largely because of no need for herbicides or pesticides.”

HYVE also offers a smaller home hydroponic unit that is a solid offering for education, residential, or small business use. The “LF-ONE” allows users to grow up to 54 mature plants per grow cycle and is programmable and automated much like the larger system. It is easy to assemble and use and provides fresh produce and the opportunity to grow 365 days a year.

According to Ken Bryant, Marketing Director for HYVE: “Our re-branding effort is largely driven by our effort to be most descriptive for what we feel our business is about. Today we offer Hydroponic Vertical Farming so the combination of HY for hydroponics and VE for vertical provides a mnemonic descriptive for who we are. None of our products or business structure have been altered with this change in name. We simply believe that HYVE is a name that will serve us well in building a brand and targeting our products to the demographic we feel most likely to rapidly embrace the concept and very real tangible advantages of indoor farming.”

The brand’s new website is and U.S. headquarters are located in Central Virginia right in the heart of agriculture country and within very reasonable distance for 2/3 of the U.S. population.

Ken Bryant