AUTOCROP to Exhibit LF-ONE at MANTS in Baltimore.

January 9th through 11th

AUTOCROP, an international vertical indoor hydroponic farming group today announced it will be exhibiting its small business/residential hydroponic grow system (LF-ONE) at MANTS® ( in January at the Baltimore Convention Center.  MANTS®, in its 49th year, is the preeminent Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show and attracts a variety of horticulture experts from across the world.  The show pegs itself as “The Masterpiece of Trade Shows™” and brings together some of the best minds in agribusiness, nurseries, grow facilities, and equipment providers.

The LF-ONE is an innovative and comprehensive hydroponic system designed to grow various vegetables, mainly leafy green plants, 365 days a year in small office, restaurant, education, or home settings.  LF-ONE can produce 54 mature plants during each grow cycle using LED grow lighting combined with an automated pesticide and herbicide-free nutrient system. 

The LF-ONE comes complete with everything the home grower will need to produce a variety of leafy greens, micro greens, and various herbs.  The system includes grow racking, a nutrient and water pump, a seeding nursery, starter seed kit for 3 plantings, a programmable logic controller for automated timing, and LED grow lights.  The system is easy to assemble, and its rugged design means consumers should enjoy many years of use and a great return on their investment.

AUTOCROP ( has its Americas headquarters approximately 3 ½ hours from Baltimore and provides hydroponic grow solutions to large-scale vertical farming entities, greenhouses, and smaller organizations or individuals who want to grow their own plants in a clean, fresh environment without the need for soil.

According to Ron Acorn, President of AUTOCROP the brand’s mission is “to provide clean, healthy, fresh, safe, and cost-effective plant growth solutions for consumers across the globe.”  He adds: “With the growing population, perhaps the greatest stressor in our world will be the demand for food and plant products to meet an escalating demand while seeing our vital natural resources decrease year over year.  Eventually, we will reach a tipping point where there will not be enough traditional acreage to satisfy the food demands of our world.  AUTOCROP is poised to take advantage of advanced growing techniques to produce mature, healthy crops in small spaces with accelerated grow cycles. The LF-ONE we will be displaying at MANTS® is a smaller scale system designed for consumers who want to produce their own safe harvest crops year-round. This unit should be of interest to home and garden centers looking for another unique product to generate additional sources of revenue.”

LF-ONE will be on display in AUTOCROP booth 2940 during the MANTS® show.

Ken Bryant