Indoor Farming - The whole world has to eat!

This week HYVE President Ron Acorn and Head Grower and Researcher Paul Edmondson, Ph.D. traveled to HORTI CHINA 2019 in Qingdao, China to announce an exclusive HYVE branding arrangement with New Green, a respected agricultural company in China. Both Edmondson and Acorn delivered remarks to the media in a press event arranged by HYVE strategic partner EPONIC. EPONIC is a world leader in innovative design, engineering, and construction of hydroponic vertical indoor farming systems. The opportunity to work together is important because indoor farming is not just a U.S. or China necessity, but with world population growing, it is imperative that we find ways to feed that population. Acorn’s speech appears in bold below.

Hello – My name is Ron Acorn, President of DASCOM Americas, a company built on technology, innovation, and collaboration.  I’m honored to be here today to speak with you about our company’s business unit focused on contained indoor agriculture. In this business we are collaborating with some of the best minds in horticulture from China, as well as the rest of the world.

To give you some history about us, our company based in Virginia, has been working in collaboration with China for quite some time, and in-fact, the ownership of our business is Chinese.  We continue to be thankful for the support and guidance this ownership has provided us for over 10 years.

Our approach to developing products is to take the best from the United States and the best from China and develop products that are innovative and unique.

Working together we have been innovators in a few fields including business printing, LED lighting, and most recently with our contained environment agriculture business unit.  This brand marketed in the United States as HYVE™ stands ready to positively disrupt the way the world views farming.  It also holds the promise and ability to change the way the world eats.  I view our collaboration as countries to be imperative – almost something that as the world’s two largest economies we are called to do. 

The brand name HYVE™, is an abbreviation for “Hydroponic-Vertical.”  This represents the basis for the technology that we are using.  Our crops are using water – not soil.  This is where the Hydroponic part or “HY” of HYVE™ comes into play.  Also, our crops are grown in large racks that don’t take up a lot of space but are tall or vertical in nature.  The “VE” represents vertical growing.  So, we can grow vegetation in smaller spaces and inside in buildings that don’t require a lot of real estate that is spread out, but rather in a vertical line – think taller and not broader.  This is especially important for cities that don’t have a lot of space.

 Since there are other companies who are also doing indoor farming you might ask what makes HYVE™ different from others?

Working with our partner EPONICS, we have created an indoor farming system that will allow us to grow vast amounts of food in shorter time frames in smaller spaces using fewer natural resources. Our history as a Lighting Company was the basis to develop a complete indoor farming solution. This solution covers grow lighting, hydroponic grow racks and trays, fertigation, robotics, automated seeding and harvesting, ventilation, monitoring, and consulting. These “indoor farms” allow us to grow crops without pesticides or herbicides, creating healthier, high-yielding, and faster grow cycles. The complete solution allows farmers to have a viable economic return on investment while giving consumers better, affordable food. 

With the world population projected at nine billion people by the year 2050, we are very passionate about finding a way to increase food supplies while creating a new environment that allows for successful businesses to grow and prosper. There is absolutely no reason why any person in any country in the world should go to bed hungry.  Collectively we can make sure this does not happen.

 In our country there are industries that have gone away.  Businesses have closed and there are many empty buildings that can be repurposed for use to grow crops.  Vertical indoor farming puts buildings to use, serves to create jobs, and allows crops to be grown indoors so that they are not affected by climate.   This means that crops can be grown 365 days a year regardless of outside weather. Also food can be grown close to the consumer saving on transportation costs and spoilage.

 In our country, we are starting to see a shortage of “traditional” farmers.  Younger people don’t necessarily want to work outside growing crops because they don’t see a good return on investment for their time, weather is risky, and outdoor farming is very hard work.  Plus, younger people want to work in areas that have new technology and innovation.  HYVE™ solves all these issues because indoor farming is clean.  Indoor farming creates well-paying jobs.  Indoor farming eliminates weather risk, and it is an exciting field because of the new technology.  Younger people are attracted, and traditional farmers are excited because they can now control many of the elements that before were out of their control and could lead to crop loss.

Today we are honored to announce a new partnership with Xia Men New Green Ecological Technology. They will have the exclusive license to use the HYVE™ brand name in China.  They are an accomplished, professional, and influential agricultural provider.  Working together, HYVE, NEW GREEN, and EPONICS, will be able to provide industry leading solutions to the China indoor farming industry.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak today.  We are here to change the way the world looks at farming and to bring better, healthier, and more predictable crops to people, as well as create a new industry for the future. It is not only our goal, but our responsibility as collaborators and industry leaders.

Thank you.

Ken Bryant