We've got a brand new name - Welcome to HYVE

So much goes into creating a product that people believe in and will embrace. Our team is committed to controlled environment horticulture and the impact our systems can have on a growing world. The possibilities for indoor vertical farming and hydroponics extend so far beyond just developing and selling a product. The systems being created here are not only interesting, but offer a tremendous opportunity to REALLY change the world for the better with a true solution. This is a revolutionary time in growing, and vertical farming is poised to positively disrupt the way the world grows and eats. As such, we have made a very deliberate and intentional decision to re-brand ourselves to more accurately reflect who we are, what we do, and how we see our evolution. Welcome to the world of HYVE.

HYVE is a combination of the words “Hydroponics” and “Vertical” but it is representative of much more than just a collision of two descriptive words. HYVE is a culmination of engineering, thought, passion, sweat equity, and an innate and very real mission to help meet food and plant demand through a better way of growing. It is fresh. It’s healthy. It’s financially a great model for commercial growers and consumers, and very importantly, it is safe, efficient, predictable, and a game changer for more and tastier food with less of a demand on natural resources. HYVE in its most simple form is a great system for commercial indoor farming that allows for accelerated grow cycles to achieve the old adage of more, better, faster. In its humanitarian form it is a way to create a mindset and to truly meet a demand that otherwise will be unmet with stark consequences.

From our smaller LF-ONE systems that teach people where healthy food comes from and the basics of hydroponics all the way up to our complete large-scale vertical racking systems that create jobs, return-on-investment for the grower, and plenty of fresh food for consumers, HYVE is a building block for the future. It’s also no coincidence that our logo bears some resemblance to the honeycomb in raw honey. After all, bees can utilize a “hive” to produce honey, to aid with crop production, or any number of other things that aid and assist in a natural food chain. And that hexagonal structure within the raw honeycomb signifies a strength, a teamwork, and a knitting together of like minds in pursuit of a common goal.

So, we have a new name that better represents our ongoing commitment to the evolution of farming and productivity as it relates to the future of our world. We’d like to welcome you to our brand new “HYVE” and our new brand “HYVE.” We think you’ll find us a progressive brand with systems that can truly revolutionize the way the world eats and grows.

Ken Bryant