Fresh. Healthy. Automated.

Welcome to the AUTOCROP Solution.

Some call it “urban farming.”  Others call it “hydroponic growing.”  At AUTOCROP we call it a COMPLETE solution that can revolutionize how people think about farming technology and the way they grow plants – either in large commercial settings or right in their own kitchens.
That’s because we develop and make total systems that provide growers with the complete solution for fresh, healthy, and automated crop yields.

From our LF-ONE (designed for restaurants, small businesses, or even home use) all the way up to our large hydroponic systems that are engineered for vertical farming on very large scales (think thousands of heads of mature lettuces produced each month), AUTOCROP is unique because we not only see the future but are helping to create it.

Our engineers, scientists, and growth specialists design complete systems that include racking, irrigation, fertigation, LED grow lighting, and more, putting the power of freshness, automation, enhanced yields, and cost-effective growing at the fingertips of commercial growers, greenhouses, and consumers alike.  

Whether you are a small restaurant wanting to grow your own fresh micro greens 365 days a year, a commercial grower looking to supply literally hundreds of grocery stores with fresh produce each month, or just someone who wants to learn more about us, we’re glad you came.  We invite you to come back often to our website and blog while keeping your eyes on AUTOCROP.  We’re developing total automated growth solutions that are poised to change the world.